Vitamin D Benefits

Vitamin D has become a vitamin superstar which is ironic because not too long ago it was one of the poorest selling vitamins and most had little use for it. Today Vitamin D offers many benefits including:

– Reduced risk of many forms of cancer including breast, uterine, prostate and more

– Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease

– Reduced risk of bone fractures and osteoroporosis

Vitamin D has been shown to reduce the risk of the common cold and flu and there is even research tied to longevity when looking at those with a low Vitamin D level vs a high one. Those that live in the northeast are at a greater risk of being deficient in Vitamin D. How much Vitamin D you take depends on your level. Maintenance dosages are considered 1-2,000 IU per day. The optimal Vitamin D level is 50-80.