New Drug for Hot Flashes

24 million women suffer from hot flashes and now there will be a new drug offered-should you take it? The drug called Brisdelle will be available in November 2013, is a non-hormonal medicine similar to Paxil. In clinical trials women having 10 hot flashes per day dropped to 4 after taking the drug for 12 weeks. Sounds pretty good right? But those taking a placebo dropped from 10 to an average of 5-6 per day.

Dr. Iffath Hoskins states the drug is known to have increased suicidal tendencies in women along with thinning of bones.

There are many other options for women I feel are much better than resorting to a drug with possible side effects. Working on dietary intake, exercise and stress management all support hormone balance. When more is needed bio-identical hormones are an excellent option. There are also many herbal products that can offer relief including maca, black cohosh and red clover.

As with many health conditions the question arises-do you want to get to the root cause of the problem or simply take a pill to mask symptoms? Addressing the root cause of hormone imbalances requires work and attention to what you’re putting in your body especially foods and liquids that create heat in the body such as alcohol and caffeine. Looking at stress levels and adrenal gland function is also related to hormone imbalances. Those with altered cortisol levels disrupt progesterone output and the progesterone-estrogen balance needed.

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