Get Solutions to Your ADHD Concerns

For Adults and Children with ADHD

How Are You Managing Your ADHD Symptoms & Concerns?

Learn specific strategies to address your ADHD symptoms and discover another way to address poor focus, hyperactivity and behavorial concerns in children or adults.

This is for you if...

  • You'd like to learn a new way of looking and dealing with ADHD symptoms, including a strength based model.
  • You'd like to learn the impact of nutrition and diet on ADHD and how to better manage blood sugar levels for enhanced energy and focus.
  • You'd like to learn how behavior is impacted by environmental chemicals and what you can do to reduce environmental exposure to specific chemicals.
  • You are unsure about nutritional supplements and what is best for you or your child.

  Online Learning for ADHD

Join Us For a Special 3 Part  Teleconference Series

ADHD is a challenging medical condition that affects millions. Research is now showing an integrated personalized approach is the best way to treat ADHD

During this 3 Part Teleconference Series we'll dive deep into the underlying causes of ADHD and what you can do to better manage you or your child's symptoms.

Here's What's Covered

The underlying causes of ADHD and how an integrated approach works

​The role of magnesium and how it supports ADHD including what forms are best

The importance of balanced blood sugar levels and the impact on ADHD

The best functional tests for ADHD and what they reveal

How OPC's support sharper focus especially for inattentive ADHD

The role of food sensitivities and food allergies and how to best detect problems

How the gut microbiome impacts ADHD and which foods support the gut

Picking the right medication for you or your child-how genetic testing can help

The role of neurotransmitters in ADHD including dopamine, serotonin and gaba

How to minimize prescription side effects if you do opt for medication

The importance of omega 3 fatty acids for optimal brain health

How to look at bloodwork for deficiencies related to ADHD

The best foods to nourish the brain and how to best implement for children

The role of  zinc, copper and iron in ADHD

The impact of untreated ADHD

The role of environmental chemicals in ADHD and how to clean up your home

How exercise and proper sleep affect ADHD

Which nutrients you can take right away without testing

MTHFR testing and the role of methylation

How sugar impacts the ADHD brain

Plus you'll receive the following:

Practical tips and support to further your education

Handouts for each telecall, no need to take notes

Answers to your specific questions, Q &A session after each call

Calls are recorded if you miss a session, go back and listen when you're ready

Start Learning an Integrated Approach to ADHD

Teleconference Schedule:

July 20, 27, Aug. 10

All calls are 8-9 pm

All calls are recorded, listen on your time if you can't make the live call

Program Cost: $97.00

ADHD is not a behavior problem or a discipline problem. ADHD is a medical disorder in which genetic, neurological, nutritional, and environmental factors imbalance the brain, causing imbalanced behavior.

James Greenblatt