​Hi I'm Eric Reardon MS, CNC and I help people lose weight and overcome chronic health problems like fatigue, IBS and auto-immune conditions. I'm a Functional Nutritionist, husband, father and sports enthusiast. I work with people of all ages, especially women 35-60 who are struggling to lose weight and get in better shape.

I've been in practice over 10 years and recently opened a new facility in Acton, Ma where I offer both nutrition counseling and fitness training. I utilize a functional approach which is individualized to your specific needs and looks at root cause solutions.

​Over the years I've realized three things that I've set out to change...

1. Being overly fixated on calories does not work

The calorie model of eat less and work out more is what most were taught to lose weight. Science now shows low calorie dieting does not work and in many cases leads to more weight gain down the road. My ​work with clients deals with much more than simply reducing calories.

2. Addressing the root cause is vital

Whether your health concern is a lack of energy, digestive imbalances or the inability to lose weight, getting to the root cause is vital. This approach takes into account your lifestyle habits including diet, nutrient status, stress level, sleep patterns as well as genetics and toxin exposure. The functional model is thorough, personalized and allows for better outcomes.

3. ​Eating well shouldn't be confusing

Eating has become a source of confusion with all the diets and information overload out there. Eating well shouldn't be confusing and cause stress and doubt, which it does for many. My work educates you on what, how and why in a simplified way taking into account your likes and lifestyle behaviors.

What Clients Are Saying:

Eric is a consummate professional, knowledgeable and extremely committed. My primary goal for treatment was to lose weight. His holistic approach encompassed not only nutritional counseling, but also assessment of eating behaviors, activity level, sleep patterns and stress management and related interventions.  This program was entirely personalized to me and exceeded my expectations on every level. I very much appreciated his preparation, attention to detail, and exhaustive efforts to not leave any stone unturned.  It is most definitely a collaborative effort, and I had to work hard to make changes. I resolved to keep an open mind and follow Eric's guidance as it was quite evident my way was not working. With Eric's help, I have met my PCP's recommended weight loss goal, integrated exercise on a regular basis, and reduced my intake of NSAIDs from every night to as needed (once every couple weeks).  My sleep patterns have improved, I am more rested, my usual positive outlook has returned and daily stressors are just a part of life I can deal with.  All of this has contributed to increased vitality and quality of life.

Patti G.

I highly recommend Eric Reardon of Crossroads to Health. Eric is so knowledgeable,  caring, and he really takes the time to listen to my concerns. I had problems with my digestion, inflammation, and lack of energy. He helped me with setting goals, educating me on healthier food choices and ​recipes. I learned a lot about hormones too, and how they can be affected by stress. I had suffered with inflamed gums and bleeding each time I went to the dentist for 3 years. After just 2-3 months, they are healthy! I used to take antacids every day, and that is a thing of the past. My energy is better, too!

Allison B.

​Weight Issues and Chronic Health Challenges Don't Need To Take Over Your Life... There is Another Way​.

​It's frustrating to try diet after diet and still not get results. Dealing with chronic health challenges can be debilitating not to mention time consuming.​ The worst part is that these challenges impact everyday life and may keep you from doing the things you enjoy most.

If you​ ​have the desire to lose the weight, become fitter and healthier than you've been, without starving yourself, then I can help you. You'll learn how to eat better without pre-packaged food, counting calories or points. You'll learn lifestyle enhancements that will help you increase energy, improve metabolism and get the body you want. 

Start by scheduling a free 20 minute strategy session to learn how you can benefit.