Lose Weight and Boost Energy With a 21 Day Simple Detox Program

This is for you if...

  • You're looking to jump start weight loss and get in better shape for the spring
  • You're tired and need more energy
  • You're dealing with joint pain, allergies or brain fog
  • You'd like to improve your eating habits for the long run
  • You want to eat solid food and not starve yourself with a liquid cleanse

This Professional Detox Program Includes the Following:

Recipes and Handouts

You'll receive great tasting recipes and educational handouts to use again and again.

Loads of Education

Each week you'll learn informative and practical tips to effectively cleanse for better health.

​Taste Testing

​Taste new foods and​ add more variety to your diet.

Why We Need to Cleanse

Toxicity is now linked to weight issues. Toxins lodge in fat cells and disrupt metabolic function making it harder to lose weight.

Toxicity is linked to major chronic disease. Toxins contribute to major chronic disease including Cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and more.

Toxins are found in many places you may not know.  Toxins are found not only in the environment and foods we eat, they are also in cleaning products, skincare items, cookware and more.

​​Professional Cleansing Items

​Your 21 day detox includes 2 professional cleansing products to enhance detoxification.

​1. Vegecleanse by Designs for Health - ​ used as a meal replacement and includes 14 grams of plant based protein combined with liver supportive nutrients.

​2. Liver-GI detox by Pure Encapsulations - ​dual support for both liver and ​gastrointestinal detoxification. ​


I have heard about many different types of Cleanses. Liquids, Fasts, none that appealed to me. I exercise vigorously several times a week as an occupation and didn’t want anything to interfere with my current diet or energy level. The Cleansing Program that Eric recommends fits in perfectly with my active lifestyle. I started to feel the benefits after week one. I felt lighter and clearer with my thoughts. Adjusting to the food and supplements was not difficult at all. It actually makes you aware of some poor choices you may have been previously making, and forces you to try new things. By the end of the Cleanse I had softer, smoother skin, lost several pounds, and a new appreciation for the foods, drinks, and substances that I put in and on my body. I never experienced any of the headaches that Eric mentioned could happen (yet am prone to getting them) and found renewed energy all day long - no more afternoon run-down feeling!

I would recommend this Cleanse for anyone who wants to challenge their mind, body, and attitude. It really does make you feel great!

Anne Z.

I tried a cleanse with somebody else in the past and it was horrible. The cleanse Eric had us do was much more manageable and I felt great the entire time. On this cleanse I had more energy, felt less bloated and lost 5 lbs! After the cleanse ended I decided to continue some of the elements he suggested and am now eating gluten free. If you're looking for something to help get you on the road to eating healthier or jump start your weight loss, I highly recommend Eric's cleansing program.

Kathy M.

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21 Day ​Spring Cleanse

Class details:

Dates: April 24, May 1, 8

Time: 7-8pm

Location: Crossroads To Health, 75 Great Rd. Suite 213, Acton, Ma

Cost: $149