Hormone Help

Are you one of the millions of women struggling to balance your hormones and dealing with hot flashes, brain fog, night sweats, irritability and poor sleep? Did you know there are natural solutions to hormone imbalances that are safe and free of side effects? This topic is a confusing subject for many women and often they do not get the help and support they need with conventional medicine. The Women’s Health Initiative showed giving synthetic hormones to the body can have dangerous consequences.

Crossroads To Health teaches women to build a strong foundation including the right diet, stress management and adrenal support along with the right type of exercise to minimize symptoms in the first place. Professional supplementation shown in research studies to have positive outcomes is utilized. Saliva testing which gives a clinical picture of what is happening inside the body is also offered.

When I first came to Eric I was cross-eyed and miserable. Cross-eyed from wading my through the massive amount of nutrition and health information available and miserable with menopausal symptoms. I was unwilling to go directly to hormone replacement treatment and unable to determine which “health regime” would be most beneficial for me to follow. Through testing and one-on-one health counseling, Eric has provided a straight forward, custom tailored and effective lifestyle program that I am able to follow and has yielded results. I no longer suffer from menopausal symptoms. I am grateful for his guidance and sensible approach to achieving and maintaining good health without excessive supplementation or rigid eating rules.

I would recommend Eric to anyone seeking improvement in their health habits.

– Linda H

I highly recommend Eric to anyone who is looking to improve their diet, health or understanding of nutrition. Eric helped pinpoint subtle problems in my diet that were working against me. He also educated me on the meaning of various lab tests and results in far greater detail than provided by my general practitioner. Eric recommended supplements and modifications to my diet that made a big impact on my energy level, helped me avoid the afternoon slump, and significantly reduced several of the symptoms I had been having (digestive issues, weight gain, mood swings, etc). He also educated me on additional testing, exercise and nutrition regimes to further enhance my health and well-being. I really appreciated the detailed notes Eric took during my visits, and the level of preparation he put into each of our sessions.

– Mary H.

Healthy Hormones Package

Crossroads To Health offers an easy to follow system for creating better hormone balance. Included in the package is the following:

  • Three 60 minute consultations (in person or phone) teaching the foundations of hormone balance including:
    • Nutritional guidance on how to eat for hormone balance
    • Stress management and the role of the adrenals
    • Proper exercise
  • Thorough health history and lifestyle evaluation
  • Sample menu and snack options
  • Supplementation needs for hormone support
  • Supportive literature and resources

Testing is also offered – not included in package price.

Have Questions?

Take advantage of my free 15 minute phone consultation and get your questions answered. Contact Eric at 978-551-1321.

Healthy Hormones Package