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Success Stories

I highly recommend Eric to anyone who is looking to improve their diet, health or understanding of nutrition.  Eric helped pinpoint subtle problems in my diet that were working against me.  He also educated me on the meaning of various lab tests and results in far greater detail than provided by my general practitioner.  Eric recommended supplements and modifications to my diet that made a big impact on my energy level, helped me avoid the afternoon slump, and significantly reduced several of the symptoms I had been having (digestive issues, weight gain, mood swings, etc).  He also educated me on additional testing, exercise and nutrition regimes to further enhance my health and well-being.  I really appreciated the detailed notes Eric took during my visits, and the level of preparation he put into each of our sessions.

Mary H.

I was diagnosed with Lupus, allergies and had carpel tunnel so bad in both arms I would wake up 3-4 times a night. I was seeing about 4 different doctors and they just kept prescribing more medications. I was losing my hair, in pain every day and felt extremely fatigued all the time. I knew I needed something more than drugs, so I went to see Eric at Crossroads to Health for help. The first thing Eric did was take me off gluten and treat me for leaky gut. I immediately started to feel better. He helped me make changes in my eating habits and educated me on the correct foods and supplements to help with my inflammation. He then recommended a series of tests to find the root of my problems.
I feel I am more knowledgeable about the foods I eat, have better energy and I am getting stronger every day. I no longer have to take so many medications. Eric taught me the power of the foods we eat can really help you heal. Crossroad to Health has changed my life and helped me to create healthier life changing habits. Thank-you, Eric.

Ellen L.

One on one appointments with Eric have brought my weight down by 30 pounds! Not only that, he has helped me maintain the weight loss and continue a healthy lifestyle! Thanks to Eric, I have raised my awareness of eating, exercise and living for optimal health. Eric's calm demeanor, consistent attention to my needs and expertise helped me acquire a more positive outlook on life and work through what would have been roadblocks to my success in maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Rosanne B.

Before I went to Eric Reardon and Crossroads to Health, I thought I had a good understanding of proper nutrition and exercise. However, over the past 10 years, I could never seem to reach my desired weight. I’m 5’9” and my weight over the past 10 years always hovered in the 205-210lb range making me about 25-30lbs overweight. Like many adults in their mid-40’s, I would gain the weight in the winter, particularly during the holiday season, and then shed a few pounds during the spring and summer, though never breaking the 205lb mark. I was obviously doing something wrong. I would continuously place the blame on work, not enough time to exercise and other obligations. I knew that stress and lack of sleep were not good for overall health, but I had no idea how strong a factor they would be to weight loss. Spending the 3 months in Eric’s personalized class was what I needed to help me get on the right health track once and for all. No “magic bullet” in these classes. It was all about education. Eric took the time to learn about my overall health from daily food intake; stress/cortisol/hormone levels; sleep patterns; and weekly exercise regimens to formulate a careful plan that was easy to follow and specific to my needs.
What I was learning from Eric was not a new fad or diet. I hate the word “diet” in fact because of all the commercial implications it carries. What Eric taught me was a lifestyle change that included better nutrition (out with all processed foods), better balance of the right foods (lots of greens and good protein, healthy fats and less starchy foods, less sugar and where it hides), the need for increased exercise (whether you have the time or not), increased and better sleep (7-8 hours per night), and controlling and understanding what stress does to the body and mind. I think the most enlightening aspect of this program is that for every single day of the 3 months, I kept a journal of my daily food intake, supplements, sleep patterns, and exercise. By writing all this information at different intervals of the day I became more focused and really aware for the first time about good nutrition and well-being. Not that every day was perfect, but I became more in tuned about what I was doing to my body.
After the 3 months in Eric’s program, the pounds have started to come off, I have more energy and a better outlook about taking care of myself. I still have a way to go to reach my goal, but I feel like I am finally in control over my well-being. Education about how we treat our bodies and mind is key. I couldn’t have gotten this far without Eric’s help. I highly recommend Eric and Crossroads to Health to anyone who is really committed to making a lifestyle change to better health!

Vinnie G.

When I came to seek Eric for help, I was feeling very low energy, stressed out, exhausted and suffered from sometimes extreme anxiety and inability to focus. I had been to my primary care physician because I suspected that my thyroid might not be functioning well, or that I might be deficient in some vitamins or minerals. They did some blood work and found nothing that would be causing these symptoms and referred me to mental health professionals. I went through many years of trials of different medications for anxiety and depression which most times made me feel event worse. This only added to the stress and frustration of the situation, worsening my health even further. I was becoming hopeless that I would never find help for my condition but also felt strongly that my body was not working the way it should.

I decided to go to Eric to see if he could help me and he suggested testing my adrenal gland function which plays a big role in our abilities to handle stress by secreting the hormone, cortisol. The results revealed that my adrenal glands were in fact functioning at a very low level which would explain my symptoms. I had suffered some major stresses earlier in life which triggered my adrenal exhaustion and as more stresses added on in life, they just could not function properly.

I am very grateful to Eric for recognizing what might be making me feel so horrible for such a long time and for educating me in supplement treatment, diet and managing stress as much as possible. Within one month of starting treatment, I felt a dramatic upswing in mood and energy which was the first glimpse of hope I had in a long time of being well again. Although full recovery can take much longer, and it is a slow process, I do see improvements which motivate me to take better care of myself on many levels. I wish I had put my faith in Eric years ago. Although the medical profession are helpful for a multitude of health problems, there are many that they are not educated in or do not recognize such as adrenal fatigue and I wasted precious years being mistreated and misdiagnosed.

Marie R.

I started working with Eric four months ago with these goals: 1)Reduce my arthritis; 2) Improve my memory; 3) Stop getting frequent colds and bugs; and 4) Lose ten pounds. I was successful with the first three goals and have almost lost all the weight. Eric has taught me how to improve my eating habits and specifically to drink less coffee, more green tea and much more water. These changes have not been easy, and it has been helpful to have him hold me accountable. The fact that Eric has studied both holistic nutrition and functional medicine gives him a wealth of knowledge to share. It has been extremely helpful and really a lot of fun to work with Eric. I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't benefit from working with him.

Sue L.

I highly recommend Crossroads to Health to anyone living with IBS symptoms. I am a 44 year old man working in a fast paced technology industry with a lot of world wide travel. After many tests on my digestive system from my primary care physician he determined there was nothing physically wrong with me and that I had IBS.

When I first met Eric Reardon in February 2010 I was taking medication for high blood pressure, cholesterol and anti-diarrhea. I was 30 pounds over weight but did not realize it. Eric educated me about the benefits of whole foods, enzymes, probiotics and exercise and how they have a direct impact to the digestive system. After only a couple of weeks I noticed a drop in weight and a big improvement in my energy. I continued with Eric's guidelines for healthy meals and supplements and began to exercise in the morning before going to work. In less than six months I lost 30 pounds. Working with my primary care physician I gradually reduced my prescription medications until finally stopping all three. My symptoms of IBS are gone, I have high energy, I exercise five days a week and I am knowledgeable about making healthy food choices. Thanks to Eric I am in control of my digestive health and general well being in a natural and sustainable way.

Mitt G.

When I first came to Eric I was cross-eyed and miserable. Cross-eyed from wading myself through the massive amount of nutrition and health information available and miserable with menopausal symptoms. I was unwilling to go directly to hormone replacement treatment and unable to determine which health regime would be most beneficial for me to follow.

Through testing and one-on-one health counseling, Eric has provided a straight forward, custom tailored and effective lifestyle program that I am able to follow and has yielded results. I no longer suffer from menopausal symptoms. I am grateful for his guidance and sensible approach to achieving and maintaining good health without excessive supplementation or rigid eating rules.

I would recommend Eric to anyone seeking improvement in their health habits.

Linda H.

When I began nutritional counseling with Eric five months ago, I was extremely fatigued, sometimes irritable, stressed out, anxious, and I had bouts of depression. I was also overweight. Most of these symptoms were brought on by my hypothyroidism, which I was -- and still am -- being treated for, but I still felt unwell and was lacking energy and focus. Always striving to lose weight since my hypothyroid diagnosis seven years ago, I tried many weight-loss and diet methods. Some worked for a time, some didn’t work at all. Inevitably, I would always gain weight back, sometimes even after a significant weight loss (35 lbs at most, sometimes 10 or 20 lbs). These methods consisted of: South Beach Diet, LA Weight Loss, glycemic-index eating, Weight Watchers, thyroid-targeted diets, hormone-based diets – anything I could get my hands on to read about and try to find ways to feel better. Some of these attempts worked, but I would gain weight back eventually. Some of these plans didn’t make me feel better at all. Some plans confused me – a lot of information is out there, and I felt confused about what was best for me, given my health challenges. In six visits with Eric, and with my strong dedication to feel better, I’ve managed to lose 25 pounds and I’ve gained knowledge, confidence, and a more positive outlook about facing my health challenges. I feel like I am finally on the right path to a healthier me, and it feels wonderful.

I have significantly more energy – enough to exercise, enough to feel refreshed and awake in the morning, even if I did not get an ideal amount of sleep the night prior. The occasional digestive issues I had are mostly non-existent. My skin and complexion is better – my eyes seem brighter, and overall my color is better. My sugar cravings have lessened significantly; I’ve cut down on my caffeine intake which I feel has also contributed to my improved overall health and decreased anxiety. I am enjoying selecting fresh fruit and veggies on my grocery store and farm stand trips, and finding new recipes that accommodate my improved eating habits. These choices reflect the whole-foods eating approach I learned from Eric, using clean food along with high quality vitamins/nutritional supplements.

There are other gratifying benefits that have come from this new approach to eating and living -- not only are my clothes are looser and more comfortable, but I can shop and actually like what I see in the mirror. I can buy new clothes that look nice, and I can fit into some older outfits that I set aside for when I dropped some weight. In a complete and welcome reversal, I’ve had to swap out larger clothes for smaller ones from the spare closet. This has been a blast!

I can honestly say that the pleasure of giving myself what I needed and accepting that it’s not a selfish act to want to feel good, has been the greatest reward of all. It’s nice to fit into certain clothes, but it’s even better to have the energy I need to get through my busy day, accomplish what I “need” to do (work, chores, etc.), and still have time to do what I “want” to do (spend time with my family and friends, cook, read, sew, etc.).

If you need some extra help and guidance in your pathway to good health, you should meet with Eric. His expertise on healthy eating and living and his kind, non-judgmental approach was just what I needed to get to the next step of feeling better! Thank you

Marci F.

For as long as I can remember I didn't eat right. Meals consisted of foods chosen out of a desire for punishment or reward. Regardless of which side of the equation I was on, nutrition was never a concern. I managed my weight by increasing exercise levels and restricting my intake of certain foods. Once I achieved the desired weight loss the pounds would gradually go back on. My energy levels fluctuated noticeably and I never realized the full benefit of all the exercise that I was doing. I knew I was selling myself short nutritionally, but couldn't seem to break the old habits. Recently I had noticed a colleague of mine who was achieving the results I had hoped to achieve. I asked him what he was doing differently and he referred me to Eric.

Eric provided me with some foundational guidelines for making better nutritional choices and pointed out some other small lifestyle changes, sleep, exercise, caffeine, etc. He then built upon them over the 90 day period. The net benefit of all these changes has been remarkable. I consistently have more energy and my energy levels don't fade during the day. I was initially concerned that I would only be able to do this for awhile and eventually fall back into my old habits. However, it has been remarkably easy to maintain this new lifestyle. Eric's tip for foods to keep on hand and quick easy preparation suggestions has made it easy for me to always have something nutritious available even when I'm in a hurry. So now I eat more often, eat better food, lose weight and I don't really have to think about it.

This program has made a big difference. This was time and effort well spent. I only wish I'd done it sooner.

Don M.

When I began working with Eric I actually thought I knew quite a bit about health and nutrition. I had been interested in it since the late 1960s. I'd been macrobiotic for 10 years, a vegetarian for 20, seen a homeopath and Chinese herbalist during menopause and worked with an Ayurvedic physician as well. I'd taken vitamin supplements, made my own sprouted grain breads and been one of the first customers at Bread and Circus (before it became Whole Foods) in Brookline. I'd always eaten what I thought was a very healthy diet, exercised, meditated and taken good care of myself. In short, I was a "health nut". However, when I came to Eric, I was totally exhausted and had also developed digestive problems for the first time in my life. I was sensitive to many of the foods that I had relied on as protein sources as a vegetarian and not sure what I should be eating because everything seemed to upset my stomach. My doctor just shrugged her shoulders and said I was "in good health for my age". I decided to try Eric's program and see if we could "fine tune" my approach to health; what we wound up doing was completely overhauling it: restructuring how I ate, when I ate, the types of foods I ate, what supplements I needed to take and when to take them. It took a while for me to begin to respond to the changes and, also, to let go of things that had worked for me earlier in my life but were no longer working . The supplements and diet that Eric suggested have made a huge difference in my energy level and my digestion has returned to normal. I would highly recommend Eric's program especially for those exploring ways to age well. Your health needs really do change as you get older; what worked in your 20s,30s and 40s, may not give you the support that's necessary as you move into your 50s and 60s. This program is a great way to get the specific and individualized information you need to maintain your health. You don't have to accept the idea that feeling lousy is just one of the side effects of aging!

Sadhvi S.

I started consultations with Eric and he prescribed a regimen of supplements based on testing and gave me practical advice for living a healthy lifestyle. Before working with him, I suffered from insomnia and extremely low energy levels, in addition to depression. I had difficulty getting out of bed in the morning and was doing poorly in school. The change was not drastic or sudden, but over the next few months I was able to slowly improve my health by following the guidelines Eric had set for me. I was able to sufficiently overcome my depression and have been sleeping well and been energetic during the day. As much as I was tempted to go on antidepressants, which not doubt would have worked quicker, I found that what was needed was an entire lifestyle change, and it was through Crossroads To Health that I was able to achieve that.

Caitlin F.

I began to work with Eric Reardon a few months ago when I realized I had some difficult digestive problems. I was not able to get the help I needed from the conventional medical community. Eric was able to identify my problems and offer immediate solutions in the form of diet changes and added supplements. I noticed dramatic improvement in a short time period. As I worked with Eric, I learned a whole new way of looking at food and nutrition and have now changed radically my eating habits from sugars and carbs to proteins and whole foods. I am much healthier, feel better and have enjoyed an on-going improvement in the problems that caused me to originally seek his help. Eric is a great listener, always interested and spends a lot of time in finding every possible way to help and find just the right solution to each aspect of the problem. He has given me a new way of living.

Mary M.

Throughout much of my life, I have often found my weight to be a bit heavier than I would like it to be. Even though I had never let this bother me in the past, I had recently come to realize that my weight was becoming a hindrance for me in my athletic pursuits. Upon discoveringthis, I got in touch with Eric hoping to re-educate myself about basic nutrition and to develop a sensible weight loss strategy. After three months of working together with Eric, I've lost nearly 25 pounds, I feel much more comfortable with my eating habits, and I'm in a much better position to realize my athletic goals. I would highly recommend Eric's services to anyone who needs help with improving their overall wellness.

Dave J.

Thank you for the individualized education on nutrition and lifestyle changes to help me feel better and lose weight. Six months ago I was overweight, tired all the time and lacking energy to get through my day. The fatigue was accentuated even more because I could not sleep through the night. Through individual counseling and education I was able to modify my diet and lifestyle, lose weight, sleep better and create a more energized life. Eric was flexible, compassionate and knowledgeable. I am grateful for the ongoing support and education that helped me transform my life.

Sally C.

Before my work with Eric, I would have considered myself healthy. But I was over-tired, over-stressed and had packed on some weight that I thought was a natural result of getting close to 50 years old. What started out as an experiment to see if I could feel and look better has turned into a lifestyle change that has resulted in some very powerful improvements. As a result of understanding how to fuel my body with nutritionally dense foods, I have documented health improvements from my last physical such as these: I have lost 18 pounds. My total cholesterol went down 31 points from 180 to 149. My LDL cholesterol is what caused 28 points of the decrease. While people around me at work are starting to report issues with blood pressure, I remain at a great pressure of 120/70. The last time I had my eyes checked, the doctor told me my response to the gluacoma test was above average for my age group. And my personal favorite...I am now wearing a size 2 for the first time ever!

I truly believe that while I thought I was healthy, with something as simple as changing what types of foods I eat, I have been able to improve my health and appearance in ways I never expected. Eating whole foods is satisfying and tastes great! I'm not hungry, counting points or doing weekly weigh in's. Because I understand how to eat for a lifetime and didn't do this with a fad diet, I confidently just gave away a ton of clothes up to size 10. I would recommend this lifestyle to anyone.

Mary W.

I was at a point in my life where I knew I needed to make serious changes regarding my relationship with food. It would take determination, discipline and help. I met Eric in March of 2011 and after implementing the changes he suggested, based on his vast knowledge of food and nutrition, I have my body and changed my life. My sleep has improved, my stamina has increased, and I have a higher level of energy that lasts throughout the day. I feel better than I have in years. For me, it has really been about education and learning what my body truly needs to function properly, feel good and be healthy. I am forever grateful for Eric's expertise and guidance.

Carmine C.

I started seeing Eric in January, 2010. I knew my immune system was comprised because I had a bout with shingles. I was stressed, fatigued, and overweight. With Erics' help and guidance, he worked with me to change my diet. At first it was challenging but I soon learned how easy it was. Just being prepared with more nutritional foods on hand made a difference. Eric went over my supplements with me taking some away and adding a few. I had a blood test that showed more of what was going on in my body. I soon became less stressed, less fatigued and have lost 25-30lbs, have dropped 4 sizes in my clothes and feel so much better. Eric was right there at every session to encourage me. I have never been able to lose weight and inches without feeling hungry. I was amazed how the whole foods sustained me. I would recommend Eric to anyone whose looking to improve their diet and lose weight.

Annmarie N.

I came to Eric looking for help losing those last pounds that even vigorous exercise couldn't shake off. The results exceeded all my expectations. Not only was I able to lose 10 pounds in the first 3 months, I also had more energy for all my physical activities. I actually started eating more, not less, and I still was consistently losing weight. Eric gave me an easy to follow system that helped me develop healthy eating habits.

Max K.

I have been struggling to lose weight and increase my energy level for several years. After meeting with Eric for 3 months, I have lost over 10 pounds without dieting. By keeping a food journal, Eric helped me switch to healthier foods providing my body with the protein and nutrition it needed to function properly. The food journal also identified possible food allergies that I have. Looking forward to losing another 10 pounds..........Thanks Eric!

Patti E.

Getting on the scale doesn't have to make you cry if you have a good nutritionist. When I started work with Eric, I was hoping to have less rheumatoid arthritis pain. Now my RA symptoms have disappeared; I feel better and have more energy. Eric then encouraged me to start exercising. Now I'm walking and I've lost weight. Bought smaller pants last week. Life is good!

Karen D.

I would just like to say how beneficial I feel it has been for me personally to enlist the services of Eric Reardon to try to regain my health. My energy, mood, concentration, and brain fog have all improved in just 3 months. I am excited about how I will feel in the coming months.

Doug S.

My son’s health is good and he never seems to get colds or flu’s. His energy is better and his nails grow incredibly fast on the supplements. He also seems calmer taking the omega-3 supplements.

Martina L.

Cleansing Success Stories
My name is Carrie - this was the first time I have done a cleanse, and I'm really glad I did. After being a diet soda junkie for years and wanting to lose 10-20 pounds but not seeing how to get motivated, I listened to Eric's talk about the cleanse he recommended. (I know only Eric from receiving his newletter which I have enjoyed for several years.) I often talked to friends about giving up white flour and sugar but didn't think I could make the leap. With the cleanse, I did! Several positive changes happened: I was not hungry, I did not have mood or energy swings, and I lost 6 pounds. Ok, I did have a headache for 2 days but after that it was smooth sailing. I began new healthy habits and started cooking new foods both of which I have continued into "life after the cleanse." The weekly phone calls (Carrie did a teleseminar event) kept me accountable one week at a time and each week I gained new information and a new food or recipe to try in the upcoming week. I did the cleanse during a very stressful time in my life, but I think it really helped me to stay away from unhealthy foood and gave me a sense of control. The 21 day cleanse was an educational experience that helped me feel energized and free of the sugar and diet soda habit! Thank you Eric. You were a terrific guide to a healthy change in my "Crossroad To Health."

Carrie M.

I received so many benefits from the cleanse including brighter and smoother complexion and more energy throughout the day. The most
surprising benefit for me, however, is one that I attribute to the absence of wheat and dairy in my diet. One or both of those items were
a usual part of my breakfast each morning. I learned that consuming
those items after my morning exercise class was a better option for me due to the gassy effect that I got from them. I realized during the 3 week cleanse that the gluten free products and lack of dairy
eliminated the problem and I could go to class having consumed an
appropriate amount of calories for the pre-workout meal. Thanks so much for your guidance along the way. I enjoyed the weekly evening sessions at the Market and have highly recommended the cleanse to all of my friends.

Beverly N.

My Journey – from very skeptical to pleasantly surprised. I was first introduced to the liver detoxification program by my personal trainer. She thought it would be great for me to take the “next step” in my fitness and weight-loss journey. She forwarded me contact information for Eric and Crossroads to Health. Honestly, I didn’t make the call immediately. I held onto it for about a week. When I did finally call; Eric was great and answered every question I had. No offense to Eric, but I was highly skeptical about the program and figured the eating program wasn’t much different than what I was currently doing, so why bother.

Fast forward a few months…Eric was invited to speak at our gym about the benefits of the liver detoxification program. After listening with an open mind and truly understanding the benefits, I made the decision to do the 21-day cleanse. My diet did not change too drastically, but what did change was my awareness of the food I was putting into my body. I learned that I DID have time to cook a healthy meal rather than whipping up some prepared food. I also learned the benefits of using organic fruits and vegetables. One of the benefits of organics is that they really do taste better! Really!

I have completed the 21-day detoxification program; I lost five pounds, gained more awareness about the effects of certain food items, have tons and tons of energy. If you are skeptical about the program like I was, I can attest that you will notice a transformational difference if you just have an open mind! Oh yeah, one last thing, my spouse lost 10 lbs!

Eric, Thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions about my food choices – Organic, unfiltered Apple Cider is now a staple in my diet.

Heather T.

I have been working with Eric at Crossroads to Health for a few years. I am about to start my third liver cleanse with him. I have seen great results with the cleanses and suggestions from Eric. He really took the time to get to know me and the issues I was having. Eric taught me so much about eating for life, not just for the purposes of cleansing. He is always available throughout the cleanse and in general to respond to emails which is reassuring, especially if it your first cleanse! The cleanse is manageable and I experience great results! The first 4-5 days are difficult because of the detoxing and food preparation. However, by the end of the first week I always feel amazing. I experience less headaches, and always lose several pounds! I find that this cleanse works great for me just before I start training for a half marathon because I shed unwanted weight, but more importantly feel lighter and mentally clearer.

Lindsey W.

My background is a middle aged lady who learned a great deal of nutrition on her path to now. My father had heart disease and the diet was emphasized in his recuperation. Subsequently, I became a vegetarian aware of macrobiotics and also of a healing lifestyle. The reason I have done so well with this program is participating on the cleanse with Eric, who provided additional, current sound nutritional advice with reminders, recipes and the once a week teleconference call. The support from being in a group with other people experiencing the detox cleanse at the same time has been very helpful. It is good to hear Eric with his knowledge, as well as listening to his replies to the group questions. The fiber and other liver supporting nutrients were something I would not have obtained without Eric. These supplies aided in my success. I intend to continue with this enjoyable way to lose weight, actually smiling, feeling better than ever. I am very glad I chose to participate and make myself a priority. I had been struggling to succeed without support. This program has set me on the path to regaining my well being. I have obtained all that I paid for and of course health is priceless.

Janet F.

I recently completed the Cleanse/detox 3 week session and it is an experience that I highly recommend. I tried other "detox" programs , but Eric's program is something that is very simple to follow and, more importantly, very simple to continue. At the end of the 3 week program I was happy to realize a 13 pound weight loss. I have increased energy, no more sugar cravings, and best of all, the motivation to continue making healthy choices for myself and my family.

Sheri V.

Before I participated in Eric's 3 week program, I was experiencing such diminished health that I thought I was seriously ill. My mind was so "clogged" that I began to worry that I might be showing signs of Alzheimer's; my body ached so much that I was always taking pain medication; and I was having severe sinus problems. After the 3 week program, I have experienced relief from all of the above conditions. Now, I incorporate the methods of eating and caring for myself that I learned in your program. Thanks Eric.

Lynne P.

I would recommend Eric’s detox class to anyone interested in feeling better and being healthier. By following the guidelines I feel so much better in ways I had never anticipated. Additionally I lost weight, gained a sense of well being and the techniques I learned I can reuse over and over. My results were so compelling that I chose to continue on with personal nutrition counseling after the class so that I could really learn how to maximize my results for a lifetime.

Mary W.

After a few days on the cleanse I was pain free from fibromyalgia. My thinking was clearer and an overall calm to my body was evident. Doing this cleanse made me see what a difference can be made by what foods you put into your body.

Kathy P.

After 7 years of mild to moderate fibromyalgia symptoms daily-I have felt great for the last 12 days-no symptoms.

Tera O.

The 3 week cleanse was a very beneficial experience. Not only did I lose 7 pounds, I gained insight, clarity of mind and a feeling of well being. I highly recommend this program to all.......it is worth the experience.

Mary R.