The Weight Loss Blueprint is not your typical diet program and is not based on the calorie model of burn more and eat less. Calorie restriction simply does not work in the long run and the science proves it. Below are the findings from a major study: “31 long term studies on calorie based weight loss programs showed over 83% of participants were heavier than before they started.”

What You’ll Learn In The Blueprint:

  • Solid whole food principles that are easy to follow and taste good. Clients continually say “I don’t feel like I’m on a diet.”
  • How to banish cravings and balance blood sugar levels. Balancing blood sugar levels and eating an appropriate amount of protein is essential to burning fat effectively.
  • How to eat for a healthy gut microbiome and why normalizing gut bacteria is a key strategy for weight loss.
  • Stress Management skills – high stress makes you an inefficient fat burner.
  • Becoming better adapted to stress with specific stress management tools supports your entire body including metabolic function.
  • Time Management skills – many people struggle to lose weight because they simply don’t manage their time well. We’ll assess where your time is going and you’ll learn strategies around batch cooking, quick workouts and how to free up more time.
  • Menu planning options and recipe support including practical tips for when you need quick meals and are on the go.
  • Kitchen demo and taste testing for in person visits.
  • Exercise instruction and how to get the most out of your workouts.
  • Analysis of blood chemistry labs and recommendations for functional testing if indicated for your case.

Plus You’ll Receive:

Email support between sessions
Educational handouts to enhance learning
Written report to follow and keep

How It Will Change Your Life:

  • You’ll make your body strong, stress proof and resistant to disease
  • You’ll bring your best self into your relationships
  • Sleep deeper and wake up with better energy
  • Enhance mental clarity and focus
  • Rid yourself of poor moods and anxiety
  • Take your health and performance to a whole new level
  • Become more productive and bring more passion into everything you do

Program Structure

The Weight Loss Blueprint is offered in the following formats:

6 Month Program

Recommended for those with 40 plus pounds to lose. Includes Initial Consult and 12 individual sessions

3 Month Program

Recommended for those with 20 plus pounds to lose. Includes Initial Consult and 6 individual sessions

1 Month Program

Recommended for those with 10 pounds to lose. Includes Initial Consult and 2 individual sessions

The Weight Loss Blueprint is a comprehensive system that goes way beyond the typical diet rhetoric of eat less and burn more.

Get the body you want and the education and accountability you need.

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