Lose Weight, Increase Energy and Balance Hormones Naturally

Have you tried every diet out there and still struggling to lose weight? Are you frustrated and fed up with weight loss programs and exhausting exercise? Are you lacking energy and experiencing hormonal imbalances?

You want real results without agonizing about every bite you take. You want to fit into your favorite jeans and feel great. I get it and I can help! The problem with most diet programs out there is they are based on the calorie model which is doomed to fail in the long run.

My approach doesn’t just deal with calories it focuses on you as an individual and what is disrupting your metabolism. Scientific research is now proving many other factors impact your ability to lose weight including stress, poor sleep, hormone imbalances, food sensitivities and toxicity.

The solution is not just looking at the calorie model, it’s getting your whole body in balance so you not only lose weight, you significantly improve your overall health and reduce your risk of chronic disease and I show you exactly how to do it.

Stop dieting, stop counting points or calories and learn scientifically proven ways to get your body in the shape you’ve always wanted. Start your journey today with my signature program Better Bodies.


Life changing & extremely helpful

I first saw Eric when I didn’t know why I couldn’t lose weight. I only wanted to lose 10 pounds but couldn’t achieve it. With his help I did. He taught me importance of clean eating, interval training and most importantly how to figure out what foods I was sensitive to. I have had a lot issues with my stomach, indigestion, gas, constipation and just random pain. Now my stomach issues are so minimal and if I do have any issue I know why and how to better it. I went back to Eric two years later with complaints of being really tired all the time and very low energy. He did a simple saliva test and I found out I have a big issue with my cortisol levels. Eric educated me on the importance of adrenal health and how it effects my energy. It’s been 6 months and I feel so much better!! Being tired made me so depressed, I have a three year old and hardly had energy to play with her. Now I feel so much better and know how I have to live my life to feel good!!! I definitely recommend this place!!!   Julianna D.


One on one appointments with Eric have brought my weight down by 30 pounds!  Not only that, he has helped me maintain the weight loss and continue a healthy lifestyle!  Thanks to Eric, I have raised my awareness of eating, exercise and living for optimal health.  Eric’s calm demeanor, consistent attention to my needs and expertise helped me acquire a more positive outlook on life and work through what would have been roadblocks to my success in maintaining a healthy body and mind. Rosanne B.


Nutritional therapy combined with functional medicine will address the root cause of your concern. I consistently see clients who struggle to lose weight, deal with fatigue and hormone imbalances yet their blood results are fine. Functional medicine goes well beyond typical blood panels and gives clients answers to why they feel the way they do.

Take advantage of my free 15 min. consultation to learn more about your specific concerns and how you can benefit. Contact me at 978-551-1321.


Crossroads To Health specializes in weight management concerns but also works with the following health conditions:

* Hormone imbalances

* Gastrointestinal Disorders

* Chronic fatigue

* Blood sugar imbalances

* Add/Adhd

* Sports Nutrition and more


Looking For Insurance Coverage?

Crossroads To Health does not accept insurance but does offer very reasonable pricing. Example: For a price of $175 you can get a detailed initial 1 hr. consultation and two 30 minute followups. Clients say there is often a big difference between insurance based nutrition coverage and what you receive from a clinical nutritionist utilizing functional medicine. Take advantage of this pricing and book your appt. today. If you need appt. times not offered on the scheduler below, contact me at 978-551-1321.