Nutritionist & Functional Medicine Specialist

If you're struggling to regain your health it's likely you've tried different approaches. Functional Medicine gets to the root of your concerns instead of chasing symptoms. It takes into account your individual makeup including food choices, stress levels, sleep patterns and more. It's the most comprehensive model to help you optimize your health whether you're dealing with a complex autoimmune condition or simply want to lose weight. 

Fatigue and Adrenal Problems

If you're dealing with fatigue it's very likely your adrenal glands need support. Ongoing stress weakens and depletes us of vitality and also makes it harder to lose weight. Often times bloodwork can be fine but symptoms persist.

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Here's what others say about Crossroads To Health and Functional Nutrition:

I was diagnosed with Lupus, allergies and had carpel tunnel so bad in both arms I would wake up 3-4 times a night. I was seeing about 4 different doctors and they just kept prescribing more medications. I was losing my hair, in pain every day and felt extremely fatigued all the time. I knew I needed something more than drugs, so I went to see Eric at Crossroads to Health for help. The first thing Eric did was take me off gluten and treat me for leaky gut. I immediately started to feel better. He helped me make changes in my eating habits and educated me on the correct foods and supplements to help with my inflammation. He then recommended a series of tests to find the root of my problems.

I feel I am more knowledgeable about the foods I eat, have better energy and I am getting stronger every day. I no longer have to take so many medications. Eric taught me the power of the foods we eat can really help you heal. Crossroad to Health has changed my life and helped me to create healthier life changing habits. Thank-you, Eric.

Ellen L.

One on one appointments with Eric have brought my weight down by 30 pounds! Not only that, he has helped me maintain the weight loss and continue a healthy lifestyle! Thanks to Eric, I have raised my awareness of eating, exercise and living for optimal health. Eric's calm demeanor, consistent attention to my needs and expertise helped me acquire a more positive outlook on life and work through what would have been roadblocks to my success in maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Rosanne B.


Take advantage of my free 15 min. consultation to learn more about your specific concerns and how you can benefit. If you need times not on the scheduler contact me at 978-551-1321.

Phone consultations are also available for those not in the local area.