Does this sound like you?

  • Are you struggling to lose weight and dealing with fatigue or blood sugar imbalances?
  • Have you tried eating healthier and working out but still not seeing the progress you'd like?
  • Has your doctor told you that you're pre-diabetic and need to lose weight?
  • Are you ready to make real change so that you can find your healthy weight, have more energy and feel better about yourself?

There is a better way!

My name is Eric and I'm a Nutritionist and Functional Medicine practitioner. I specialize in helping women over 40 lose weight and get to the bottom of their fatigue and blood sugar swings. If you've been on the diet roller coaster, counting points or calories and struggling to make sense of it all, there is a better way.

I came into this line of work, in part because of my own health struggles. For years I went to practitioner after practitioner and came up empty handed. I can empathize with your struggle with weight whether it be trying diet after diet or simply not having the body you want. I know the weight loss world is filled with conflicting ideas and is very confusing for many.

My program is different because it's not just about calories which is what so many are taught-burn more and eat less. My program gets to the root of your concern whether it's food, lack of sleep, blood sugar issues, digestive problems or simply not moving enough.

If you're tired of dealing with cravings, not being sure about what to eat and thinking that weight loss is too difficult, you are my ideal client. There is a better way to get the body you want and increase your energy levels. Learning how to eat in a way that nourishes your body without being deprived as well as dealing with your specific imbalances is the key.

I work with clients in the Groton, Westford, Littleton, Acton area and at a distance by phone or skype. I'd like to learn more about your challenges and the goals you have for yourself. I'd also like to invite you to a free 20 minute consultation with me by phone.

Schedule a free 20 minute strategy session with Eric here.

​I look forward to talking with you soon! We'll discuss the struggles you're facing, what you can do to improve and how we can work together.

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