Nutritionist & Functional Medicine Specialist

If you're struggling to regain your health it's likely you've tried different approaches. Functional Medicine gets to the root of your concerns instead of chasing symptoms. It takes into account your individual makeup including food choices, stress levels, sleep patterns and more. It's the most comprehensive model to help you optimize your health whether you're dealing with a complex autoimmune condition or simply want to lose weight. 

fatigue and adrenal Problems

If you're dealing with fatigue it's very likely your adrenal glands need support. Ongoing stress weakens and depletes us of vitality and also makes it harder to lose weight. Often times bloodwork can be fine but symptoms persist.

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weight loss and metabolism

If you're struggling to lose weight you must take into account more than just calories. The old model of losing weight-eat less and burn more simply does not work and studies prove it. There are many other factors that influence your metabolism.

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Take advantage of my free 15 min. consultation to learn more about your specific concerns and how you can benefit. If you need times not on the scheduler contact me at 978-551-1321.

Phone consultations are also available for those not in the local area.