Are You:

  • Feeling the effects of getting older
  • Having trouble losing weight
  • Fighting hormonal imbalance
  • Lacking the energy you need
  • Sleep deprived

It’s not about counting calories or exercising more. 

It’s about solving the issues that are blocking you from


I can help.

Your Three-Step Solution To Wellness

Analyze Your Complete Health

Remove Roadblocks to Success

Look and Feel Great

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Weight Loss

​You want to lose weight, but it feels like nothing really works or at least nothing long term. If you feel like you’re doing everything right but nothing’s changing, you may be missing a key piece of the puzzle.

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Functional Nutrition

Functional Nutrition and Functional Medicine is a relatively new model that revolves around addressing the root cause of a condition, rather than looking at symptoms.

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Exercise Training

Discover how to effectively build muscle, burn fat and reshape your figure. Individual and group training offered.

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​Dealing with digestive issues like IBS, bloating, hearburn and constipation can leave you feeling tired and awful. Find natural solutions to common digestive problems and get a flat and happy stomach.

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SHAPE ReClaimed

SHAPE ReClaimed is developed out of decades of clinical experience by Dr. Todd Frisch and is having astounding transformative health benefits.

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Online Programs

Online programs that help you reach your goals from the comfort of your home! Move through these courses at your own pace. Eric will be right there with you to guide you through your journey to a better you.

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Individualized, Professional Support For Your Health Concerns

Crossroads To Health has helped many just like you lose weight and overcome chronic health challenges. Now it’s your turn to look and feel great.

The Crossroads To Health Difference

  • Discover your unique functional nutritional needs. Learn exactly what you need to eat to energize your body, with whole natural foods.
  • Enjoy a program with hundreds of recipes, step-by-step instruction, peer support and monitored progress. SHAPE ReClaimed is your total health restoration program with proven results.
  • Receive personalized exercise training to address weight concerns and lack of physical activity.
  • Inbody testing to assess your body composition in the most accurate way. Track your body fat percentage, muscle mass, visceral fat and more to see the progress you are making.
  • Know exactly which high quality professional grade supplements and botanicals you need to support your specific health and longevity.
  • Programs for every budget.

It's Time to Resolve Your Health Challenges

  • Stress

  • Blood Sugar Imbalance

  • Depression / Anxiety

  • Hormone Imbalance

  • Immune System / Inflammation

  • Thyroid Conditions

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Detoxification

  • Digestion / Absorption

Meet Eric

Over the years I’ve realized three things that I’ve set out to change…

  • Being overly fixated on calories does not work.The calorie model of eat less and work out more is what most were taught to lose weight. Science now shows low calorie dieting does not work and in many cases leads to more weight gain down the road. My ​work with clients deals with much more than simply reducing calories.
  • Addressing the root cause is vital. Whether your health concern is a lack of energy, digestive imbalances or the inability to lose weight, getting to the root cause is vital. This approach takes into account your lifestyle habits including diet, nutrient status, stress level, sleep patterns as well as genetics and toxin exposure. The functional model is thorough, personalized and allows for better outcomes.
  • Eating well shouldn’t be confusing. Eating has become a source of confusion with all the diets and information overload out there. Eating well shouldn’t be confusing and cause stress and doubt, which it does for many. My work educates you on what, how and why in a simplified way taking into account your likes and lifestyle behaviors.