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Functional nutrition addresses the root cause instead of looking only at symptoms. Receive individualized and targeted support for your health concern.
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Weight Loss

If you’re struggling to lose weight, tired of dieting and not feeling your best, you’re in the right place.
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Discover how to effectively build muscle, burn fat and reshape your figure. Individual and group training offered.
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Receive Individualized, Professional Support For Your Health Concerns

Crossroads To Health has helped many just like you lose weight and overcome chronic health challenges. Now it’s your turn-take your health to the next level at our new facility in Acton.

The Crossroads To Health difference

  • 1 Functional nutrition approach individualized to your specific needs. Whole food nutrition that energizes your body, is easy to incorporate and tastes great.
  • 2 We offer Shape Reclaimed which is a total health restoration program with proven results.
  • 3 Personalized exercise training to address weight concerns and lack of physical activity.
  • 4 Inbody testing to assess body composition. The Inbody test is the most accurate way to assess body fat %, muscle mass, visceral fat and more and goes well beyond the scale.
  • 5 High quality professional grade supplements and botanicals that support health and longevity.
  • 6 Programs for every budget.

Making an appointment to see Eric at Crossroads to Health was one of the best decisions I ever made. Eric gave me a solid understanding of nutrition, how food works and how it affects the body. Through Eric’s education, I have been able to stabilize my blood sugar, and I NO LONGER CRAVE SUGAR. I have lost 40 pounds. My aches and pains are gone. Fatigue and lack of energy are no longer a problem for me. What I learned from Eric has become a lifestyle change for me.


One on one appointments with Eric have brought my weight down by 30 pounds! Not only that, he has helped me maintain the weight loss and continue a healthy lifestyle! Thanks to Eric, I have raised my awareness of eating, exercise and living for optimal health. Eric's calm demeanor, consistent attention to my needs and expertise helped me acquire a more positive outlook on life and work through what would have been roadblocks to my success in maintaining a healthy body and mind.


I was diagnosed with Lupus, allergies, and had carpel tunnel so bad in both arms I would wake up 3 to 4 times a night. I was seeing about 4 different doctors and they just kept prescribing more medications. I was losing my hair, in pain every day, and felt extremely fatigue all the time.
I knew I needed something more than drugs, so I went to see Eric at Crossroads to Health for help. The first thing Eric did was taking me off gluten and treat me for leaky gut. I immediately started to feel better. He helped me make changes in my eating habits and educated me on the correct foods and supplements to help with my inflammation. He then recommended a series of tests to find the root of my problems.
I feel I am more knowledgeable about the foods I eat, have better energy and I am getting stronger every day. I no longer have to take so many medications. Eric taught me the power of the foods we eat can really help you heal. Crossroad to Health has changed my life and helped me to create healthier life changing habits


The nutrition program that Eric Reardon introduced and educated me on was life-changing. I have been on countless diets over the past 20+ years hoping to shed pounds for a sustained period, but none were anywhere near as effective as Eric. I used to be at the gym daily to “self-diet and exercise”, not realizing it isn’t just the work-outs that help you, but it is also what you feed your body (The Temple)! I started with Eric after finally getting sick of listening to my primary care doctor about the need to lose some weight.
I highly recommended Eric because I know that his Nutrition Program is effective. Before you start, be sure to look yourself in the mirror and prepare yourself for the commitment; without question you will be satisfied with him and his methods.


I came in as a client worried about my health-- I no longer wanted to be on medication for arthritis and for digestive problems. Before seeing Eric I thought my food choices were healthy. I soon learned that knowing all the ingredients labeled on a box can be the difference between eating healthy and thinking that I am eating healthy. Eric explains how different foods impact your body. With Eric's suggestions I cut back on foods that cause inflammation. I no longer have joint pain, and can walk with ease when I stand up out of my bed in the morning after sleeping. Switching certain foods in my diet to alternatives also benefited my health... thanks to Eric. My digestive tract properly functions after a couple years of acid reflux and other problems. Weight was not my issue, but I have lost three lbs! Eric's good- nature and strong, knowledgeable back-ground help strong-willed clients such as myself lead a better lifestyle.


A referral from a friend who Eric had helped diagnose and treat a substantial condition successfully brought me to Eric. I was suffering from substantial weight gain that I attributed to years of care giving . I was shocked to find that I was pre-diabetic.Eric constructed a plan of nutrition and integrative medicine that worked for me.Within a few months my glucose level was down and by 7 months it was back to normal range saving me from a difficult road and a very successful weight loss.Eric customized to my needs, lifestyle and offered tremendous professional support. I highly recommend Eric above any other source.


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Unique Programs

  • 365 Intensive

    A full year of ongoing support and accountability to overcome chronic health challenges.
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  • Weight Loss Makeover

    Individual guidance to help you lose weight and feel your best. Unlike traditional weight loss programs where the focus is on calories.
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  • Fitter at 50

    Targeted therapy to support mid life challenges including joint pain, low energy, hormone imbalances and more.
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  • Small Group Training

    Receive nutrition and exercise training in groups of 2, 3, or 4. Great for family or friends that want to learn and train together.
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  • Online Learning

    Master Your Metabolism and Clean Sweep Weight Loss Cleanse are self guided online programs for less than $80.
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  • Inner Circle Club

    Special discounts and services for those who’ve completed a program and want continued benefits.
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