I had the good fortune of growing up in a family owned health food store and learned early on the importance of good nutrition. That experience has shaped much of what I do today regarding my own health and what I teach to others. My involvement in athletics was a catalyst for me wanting to learn more about nutrition and the benefits it could provide.

My formal education includes a degree in Physical Education attending both Springfield College and Salem State where I played basketball and baseball. I then earned a Master’s degree in Health and Physical Education from Eastern Kentucky University. I eventually headed west and worked in the health and fitness field in Seattle, WA. I gained experience working as a personal trainer, counseling clients on nutrition and doing administrative work in health club facilities. Upon returning home to Massachusetts I began teaching Health and Physical Education in the public school system. After a period of teaching I decided to pursue formal training in nutrition from Bauman College, a holistic nutrition program teaching solid whole foods nutrition. It is led by Ed Bauman PhD, a leader in the field for over 40 years. This training gave me more knowledge and opened my eyes to the world of clinical nutrition and functional medicine.

I have taken advanced Functional Medicine training having completed an extensive 6 month program with Dr. Dan Kalish. This training has assisted me in many ways including how to interpret functional lab results and deal with complex cases.

Eating well has become a way of life for me and I live what I teach but more importantly I understand that you may not have had the teachings I’ve had and that nutrition may be a source of confusion for you. I work at teaching you at a comfortable pace, helping you to implement into your lifestyle and not overwhelming you. The many testimonials on this site are proof of what is possible for you in your life.

The need for quality nutrition has never been greater. What we are seeing now is unprecedented:

  • Children today are not expected to outlive their parents-this has never happened in history
  • Epidemic numbers of obesity and diabetes
  • The U.S. having the highest rate of cancer in the world
  • Autoimmune diseases dramatically increasing
  • Alarming rates of asthma, allergies and autism in children

Nutrition is part of the solution for all of these problems and in many cases has the power to prevent them.

Advanced Education

  • Completed an in depth 6 month functional medicine training program with Dr. Daniel Kalish.
  • Functional Blood Chemistry Weekend Seminar Boston, MA. Functional blood chemistry looks at optimal lab values instead of wide reference ranges you see on standard blood work.
  • Integrative Detoxification Weekend Seminar Orlando, FL. An in depth weekend seminar on the importance of detoxification and how to apply for successful outcomes.
  • Seasonal Therapeutics, Boston, MA. Presented by Dr. Tieraona Low Dog MD.
  • I continue to follow current research and stay on top on what is happening in the field of clinical nutrition and functional medicine by attending workshops, webinars and teleseminars taught by doctors and nutritionists across the country.